Custom OEM Case Manufacturer

Shell-Case is an expert custom OEM case manufacturer that has no limitations or restraints when it comes to offering our clients functional, protective, and unique custom-designed product protection cases.

At Shell-Case, we consider our brand’s identity and reputation our top priority. With international representation in the USA and Europe, and R&D in Israel, we asked ourselves the question “If people are willing to invest in buying a premium product, should they not have a protective, stylish, and personal casing to protect the said premium product inside?”

We manufacture protective carrying cases that are specifically designed for your products. Many options are available to our clients, meaning you can customize the color, shape, size, and material combination. You can also highlight your brand perfectly by using our custom branding options. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers have the highest quality custom cases at the most affordable prices. 

Shell-Case is an innovative and creative team of engineered case manufacturers with over 12 years of experience in the carrying case design industry. When you work with us, rest assured that your carry case is crafted to the highest of standards and you are going to receive a top-quality premium product. 

Our Core Values

  1. Innovation 
  2. Creativity 
  3. Excellence 
  4. Functionality
  5. Performance 


Our company is built on the values of innovation and originality. Our unique creation process, which is based on innovation, creativity, and ingenuity, allows us to deliver products that have meaningful added value to our customers.


Our enthusiasm for originality and style is first-rate. We use cutting-edge solutions and technologies to concentrate our design process on the needs of our consumers.


A case worth constructing should be constructed correctly. Our dedication to a strict quality approach means that we adhere to the highest international regulations and standards, resulting in the highest possible quality products.


Here at Shell-Case, we pride ourselves on being a custom case manufacturer that focuses on making carrying cases that are convenient for you! Your custom travel case should act as an extension of you, doing what you need it to do, when you need it to do it. We make certain that we fully contemplate how your case can better serve your needs, and then we construct it to do so!


We pride ourselves in being a USA case manufacturer that creates custom cases that are built to last. Shell-Case holding cases are designed to shield your vital equipment while allowing you to concentrate on your work.

Our Design Process

No matter what industry you are in, we are an OEM case manufacturer that delivers. When it comes to having features and security for your product, Shell-Case has no constraints or restrictions. Any shape, material mix, color, or other choices to showcase the brand are all on the table. 

We begin by learning everything there is to know about your product and how it is used. Our designers and professional engineers can create a one-of-a-kind custom-made concept based on their vast expertise, understanding of materials, and manufacturing technologies. 

We follow a seamless five-step process:

  1. Explore 
  2. Plan
  3. Engineering and Design 
  4. Manufacturing 
  5. Test 


We begin each customized carrying case design with a thorough and professional characterization process, guaranteeing a perfect fit for the requirements, uses, and work environment while adhering to all applicable regulations and standards.


The type, design, functionality, and manufacturing process for your one-of-a-kind carrying case are all defined, planned, and checked thoroughly by our team. We choose the best materials and manufacturing process for your needs.

Engineering and Design

We have cutting-edge OEM holding cases and solutions. Our product engineering and design development team is made up of industrial designers and developers with vast product development expertise. We engage continuously in the research and development of emerging advanced technology and skills at Shell-Case.


Shell-Case produces the highest quality, personalized, and one-of-a-kind case prototypes for your approval during this step of the design production phase. The pre-production stage starts after the prototype has been approved. The prototype is turned into mass-produced carrying products, the tooling is prepared for manufacture, and the case testing technique is established. 

From start to finish, the manufacturing process is tracked to ensure that each case meets the highest quality and requirements.


We are a carrying case manufacturer that takes our job of creating custom cases for labels and OEMs very seriously. Our enclosures are crucial to your brand’s image, as they provide consumers with the assurance that your products are durable, well-built, and genuinely best-in-class. The case bears your brand’s name rather than ours. Our dedication to professionalism backs you up in any situation.

That is why we do a complete quality assurance process on your case before you ever get it.

Benefits of a Custom Carrying Case

  1. Increased Revenue 
  2. Reduction in Warranty Claims 
  3. Maximized Product Value 
  4. Minimization of Returns and Claims

Increased Revenue

Companies who order our cases to incorporate with each of their company’s product offerings see an increase in combined revenue and net profit. Adding value to a product with a unique carrying case at an affordable price means more benefits and profits for the company. 

Customers not only receive a product from your company, but they also receive a case to secure it. An example of this is purchasing a laptop and getting a discounted price that includes a custom-made protective cover.

Reduction in Warranty Claims

When you invest in a protective carrying case for your product, the chance of damaged equipment decreases. Things are less likely to be damaged if they have a well-equipped casing. Although getting a warranty on goods has its advantages, lodging a claim for a loss that could have been avoided is wasteful. 

Maximized Product Value

Since goods are more secure, items that need annual maintenance would take less labor, allowing for more aftercare packages to be sold because fewer services are required.

Minimization of Returns and Claims

Items bought online and sent to a home are less likely to be lost in transit, resulting in fewer refunds and transit insurance claims. The products are no longer weak, fragile, or unprotected.

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