Custom Carrying Cases

If you are willing to invest in purchasing premium equipment, tools, and products, should they not have a protective custom carrying case that is as stellar as the goods inside?

Are you looking to put your brand’s identity on protective carrying cases for storage or transport? Are you seeking a branded customizable carrying case solution for your company or personal products?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you should continue reading. Shell-Case is a US-based custom OEM case manufacturer that specializes in the designing and manufacturing of branded and completely personalized OEM cases for a variety of products and specifications.  

More About Shell-Case

From design to full custom carrying case manufacturing, Shell-Case is a top-rated, premium custom OEM manufacturer that has no restraints or restrictions when it comes to providing functional, well-designed, and superior custom hard shell cases. 

We are one of the few carrying solution companies that go the extra mile when offering our clients a slew of variety to enjoy. Our customers can choose any shape, size, color, material combination, or branding option for their protective carrying cases. We offer creative solutions, high-quality materials, and affordable manufacturing.

Shell-Case consists of an innovative and creative team of case manufacturers with over 12 years of experience in the carrying case design industry. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your carrying case is crafted to the highest of standards and you are going to receive an outstanding product. 

What You Can Expect When Working with Shell-Case

  • Innovative Customizable Carrying Case Solutions
  • Unwavering Best-in-Class Designs
  • Architectural Commitment to High-Quality Manufacturing
  • Observance of Strict Safety Regulations and Restrictions
  • Unparalleled Customer Service.

Our Design Process

We follow a five-step process that ensures No matter what industry you are in, we deliver a superior protective carrying case:

  1. Explore 
  2. Plan
  3. Engineering and Design 
  4. Manufacturing 
  5. Test


We begin each customized carrying case design with a thorough and professional characterization process, guaranteeing a perfect fit for the requirements, uses, and work environment while adhering to all applicable regulations and standards. During this step, we review some of the following aspects: 

  • Internal configuration 
  • In field usage 
  • Technical requirements such as fall tests and environmental impact based on specific customer requirements. 
  • Adherence to global regulations and standards 


The type, design, functionality, and manufacturing process for your one-of-a-kind carrying case are all defined, planned, and quality assured. We choose the best materials and manufacturing process for your needs. Some of the said materials include:

  • Plastic Solutions 
  • Textile and Sewing Solutions
  • Metal Solutions 

Engineering and Design

We have cutting-edge OEM holding cases and solutions. Our product engineering and design development team is a group of industrial designers and developers with vast product development expertise. We continuously engage in the research and development of emerging advanced technology and skills at Shell-Case. Our computer-aided design-based products offer some of the following solutions: 

  • Our clients and our marketing team have open and fast communication. 
  • Component simulations and sample carrying case models are developed.


Shell-Case produces the highest quality, personalized, and one-of-a-kind case prototypes for your approval during this step of the design production phase. The pre-production stage starts after the prototype has been approved. The prototype is transformed into mass-produced carrying products, the tooling is ready for manufacture, and the case testing technique is established. 

From start to finish, the manufacturing process is tracked to ensure that each case meets the highest quality and requirements.


We are a carrying case manufacturer that takes our craft of creating custom cases for labels and OEMs very seriously. Our enclosures are crucial to your brand’s image, as they provide consumers with the assurance that your products are durable, well-built, and genuinely best-in-class. The case bears your brand’s name instead of ours. Our dedication to professionalism backs you up in any situation.

Shell-Case is an expertise and competence hub for professional product brand creation and production. We specialize in modern textile and sewing processes, thermoforming of multi-layered fabrics including composite materials, stitching, high-frequency soldering, over-molding process, production machining, casting and extrusion of high-quality sheet metal pieces.

Custom Cases for Optical Devices

Shell-Case makes custom carrying cases for Optic instruments that are both delicate and useful. Our OEM cases are made to secure critical equipment while also allowing it to work and operate at its best. We use an expert and accurate characterization procedure at Shell-Case to ensure that each carrying case is constructed and assembled to best meet the required needs, use, and climate, as well as comply with all applicable requirements and regulations. 

Optic carrying cases from Shell-Case have the highest level of support, security, and flexibility. Our optic gadget carrying cases are fully branded and designed to support you while improving your company’s image.

Electronics Carrying Cases

Shell-Case creates custom-made carrying cases for electronic devices. Our OEM cases are suitable for a wide range of electronic devices, including transmitting and processing equipment, specialist thermal cameras, mobile medical systems, technical networking units, and more. 

We conduct a skilled and careful characterization procedure at Shell-Case to ensure that each carrying case is crafted and assembled to best meet the requirements, usage, and climate, as well as to completely comply with all applicable electronic specifications and regulations. Electronic computer carrying cases from Shell-Case have the highest level of complexity, security, and functionality.

Carrying Cases for Measuring Devices

Shell-Case makes custom holding cases for test and measuring instruments. Our OEM cases are specifically designed to safeguard expensive and vulnerable equipment while ensuring maximum reliability and accuracy. 

We conduct an expert and accurate characterization procedure at Shell-Case to ensure that each carrying case is crafted and assembled to best suit the unique needs of your desired application. Additionally, we also put a great effort into completely complying with all applicable test and measurement system specifications and regulations. 

Shell-Case test and measurement carrying cases are the undisputed best on the market. The carrying cases are fully branded to serve you while also promoting your company’s image.


Can Shell-Case Manufacture a Custom Travel Case?

Yes, we make cases that are designed for your specific product. That includes everything from guitar cases to custom travel cases. All you need to do is let us know the case application and whatever requirements you may desire. Let us handle things from there.

Who Are Some of Your Global Partners?

We have had the opportunity to work with some household names for their innovative carrying solutions that include:

  • Siemens 
  • Medtronic
  • Zoll
  • Coviden
  • Novocure 
  • GE Healthcare
  • Ferno

How Do I Get Started?

We value your suggestions and questions, and we would love to hear from you.

Call us at +1-413-775-2140 (USA),

+49 (0) 221 956 1503 (Germany, Austria, or Switzerland),

or +972-72-222-0100 (ROW).

Alternatively, for any additional information on Shell-Case or the manufacturing of customized protective carrying cases, you can fill out our online contact form

What Are Hybrid Carrying Cases and Where Can I Find Them?

They are professional cases of the lightest weight ever manufactured. The Hybrid Carrying Cases are a distinct line of professional cases with ground-breaking technology built into their DNA, allowing them to be incredibly light on one side while providing unparalleled strength and endurance on the other.