Standard 300™ Model 311

The Shell-Case Standard 300™ Model 311 is a protective and stylish carrying solution.  Offering advanced design and supreme quality, it can be easily customized to meet your needs and branded to reflect your professional identity.

8.2" x 5" x 3.3" (20.8 x 12.7 x 8.4 cm)

  • Made of thermoformed EVA - lightweight yet durable
  • Personalized Logo-plate/zipper pull service available
  • Custom foam services available
  • Optional cubic foam with convoluted lid foam
  • Multiple configurations available
  • ISO 9001/13485
  • Specifications
  • Configurations
  • Accessories
  • Video Tutorials
  • Support
  • External Materials 600D polyester textile laminate
  • Centeral Materials Closed cell semi rigid EVA foam
  • Internal Lining Soft-brushed nylon
  • Shell-Case Part Number STA-300-B11
Product specifications
  • External Dimentions 220 x 135 x 90 mm (8.6 x 5.3 x 3.5 in)
  • Internal Dimentions 210 x 125 x 85 mm (8.2 x 5 x 3.3 in)
  • Weight 300 gr. (0.66 lbs)
  • Color Black


Model 311 Case Black: Empty

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Model 311 Case Black: Foam

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Model 311 Case Black: Pouch & Divider

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Standard 300™ Full-size Pouch

Standard 300™ Full-size Pouch

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Standard 300™ Foam Kit

Standard 300™ Foam Kit

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Video Tutorials

Shell-Case Standard 300™ Branding Options

Shell-Case Standard 300™ Using Pre-Cut Cubic Foam

Shell-Case Standard 300™ Modular Accessories

Product FAQ
  • Q How resilient is my new case?
    A The Shell-Case premium semi-rigid case offers adequate protection in a standard business or non-volatile industrial environment
  • Q Is my Shell-Case Standard 300 covered by a warranty?
    A Yes, you can read about the warranty on your Shell-Case Standard 300 here
  • Q Is my Shell-Case Standard 300 waterproof?
    A Your Shell-Case Standard 300 is resistant to rain but cannot be submerged in water.
  • Q Can I order a custom case if I have special requirements?
    A Shell-Case specializes in quality and service for all carrying solution needs. For large quantity orders, cases can be customized to meet almost any special requirements.
  • Q How can I replace the logo on my case?
    A Your case comes with a number of branding options including replacing the logo with your company logo. For a short tutorial on these branding options.
  • Q Will my case really protect my devices or contents?
    A Our Shell-Case Standard 300™ cases offer very good general protection against scratches, dirt or dust, light humidity and limited impact (for example, if the case is dropped from a table to the floor). Although the cases do not have a formal IP-rated, they offer protection equivalent to IP 2-3. Our cases are not constructed to withstand extreme impact or exposure to severe environmental conditions
  • Q Can I order my case in any color?
    A Our cases are currently available in black and grey. Our plan is to offer additional color options in the future. Note that it is possible to order customized cases of additional colors if you order a minimum of 1250 cases. Please contact us or your Shell-Case authorized distributor for more details.
  • Q Can I order my case in a smaller or larger size?
    A Currently, our cases are available in four different sizes. Our plan is to offer additional sizes in the future. . Note that it is possible to order customized cases in a large range of shapes and sizes if you order a minimum of 1250 cases. Please contact your Shell-Case Authorized Distributor for more details.
  • Q Why are the cases so expensive? I saw a similar case online/at another store for much less.
    A Even though they may seem similar at first glance, most other off-the-shelf semi-rigid thermoformed cases that are offered online or through retail channels are relatively basic consumer-level products. To be able to give you the best product, and guarantee that you receive the professional quality product that you expect from a premium brand like Shell-Case, we have invested thousands of industrial design and engineering man-hours in our Shell-Case Standard products. We only use premium materials and parts, and apply the best workmanship and manufacturing technology and techniques available in the industry. And, before shipping your finished case to you, we meticulously control and check its quality to ensure your experience and satisfaction meet and even exceed your expectations of our professional Shell-Case product. We always strive to give our customers the best value for their money and the best product in its category.
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