Our Process

So, how does it actually work? A great idea or concept remains just that if you don’t have a well-defined and structured development and manufacturing process to make it happen. Shell-Case places equal focus on each stage of the process and uses advanced design and development tools to ensure that the customer and the product are a perfect fit.

Research and Analysis

Research: Shell-Case places customer needs at the center of its development process, and takes time to research the customer’s application, industry, environment, and use cases.

Analysis: With a combination of in-depth knowledge and an understanding of design ergonomics and usability, Shell-Case analyzes and assesses the customer’s detailed requirements.

Concept and Design

Concept: After the customer requirements have been fully analyzed, and the Shell-Case team understands exactly what the customer’s needs are, the concept stage begins. During this stage, we define the form, shape, features, and materials of the custom carrying solution.

Design: During the design stage of the development process, Shell-Case creates a prototype according to the concept and sends it to the customer for approval.

Pre-Production and Production

Pre-Production: Once the customer approves the prototype, the pre-production stage begins. All production-related documents are prepared and issued, the prototype is transformed into a mass-produced product, the tooling is prepared for production, and the product testing methodology is defined.

Production: Once the pre-production stage is completed, the rough materials required for production are ordered and inspected, the product assembly line is prepared, and the final product is packaged. The production process is monitored from start to finish, ensuring that it complies with the highest of standards.

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