Our Capabilities

The Shell-Case Development team comprises industrial designers and engineers with extensive experience in product development. Most of our manufacturing is done in-house using multiple technologies in the technical textile, plastic parts and metal parts fields, and a combination of these technologies.
At Shell-Case, we invest a lot in the research and development of new innovative technologies and capabilities, which enables us to offer the best carrying solutions on the market for your products.

CAD Design

Our development methodology is based on CAD Design, which offers the following benefits:

  • Easy communication between the customer and our development team throughout the development process.
  • Creation of simulations and working models to show the customer throughout the process.
  • Enables us to develop and manufacture a solution that perfectly matches the geometry of the customer’s device.
  • Easy communication between the development and manufacturing departments at Shell-Case.

Plastic Technologies

At Shell-Case, we have extensive experience in plastic injection technologies, and related development and manufacturing processes. These technologies are used for products such as composite material parts, over-molding parts, plastic parts for sewing, and the vacuum-forming of plastic sheets for sewing.

Textile and Sewing

Shell-Case is a center of knowledge and expertise for the development and manufacturing of technical textile products. We specialize in advanced textile and sewing technologies including reinforced materials, sewing, high-frequency soldering, and over molding.


At Shell-Case, we have extensive experience in advanced textile technologies including the thermoforming of multi-layered materials. This allows us to produce unique, light and robust products that perfectly fit the requirements of a wide range of customers; create prototypes quickly and efficiently, and integrate these materials with other plastic or textile materials. 

Metal Technologies

As part of our development process and based on product requirements, we also develop and manufacture high-quality sheet metal parts, and use technologies such as machining, casting and extrusion.

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