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We at Shell-Case turn ideas and needs into the most professional custom carrying cases on the market. From in-depth research, through precise and inspiring design, engineering experts, in-depth materials knowledge and advanced manufacturing capabilities, we offer our full commitment and dedication to your project and needs.

Custom Carrying Cases Stories

Surgical headlight system

Forming a new elegant and sophisticated carrying case for an extremely fragile and valuable LED mobile surgical headlight system, designed for surgical theater procedures.

Professional optic devices

Creating a unique dental loupe carrying case, with optimal modularity in mind. A unique case that would allow for a variety of dental loupe sizes and modules.

EMS case

Planning, designing and manufacturing a one of a kind, tailor-made carrying case for the this life-saving chest compression medical device.
Improving operational efficiency, allowing EMS operators to provide high-quality and safer chest compressions in emergency medical situations.

professional cases series

Hybrid 300

A unique line of professional lightweight and sleek cases offering outstanding features & performance

professional cases series - custom carrying cases

professional cases series

Hybrid 500

The Lightest Professional Carry-On Cases Ever Manufactured

Hybrid 500 - The Lightest Professional Carry-On Cases Ever Manufactured

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